Once I am done with my recovery I will go through this list again and cross out the things that I really didnt use and that people could probably save money on.
  • Waterpik - I use it everyday. It is a life saver! I swear when I brush I get everything out but then I use this gem and it is shocking how much crap comes out of my teeth. 
  • Humidifier - I already use it now because my nose gets dry in the winter, but I hear its amazing for after surgery congestion
  • Syringes - If the hospital doesnt supply them I will have to buy some
  • White board and or note book - to write when I cant talk
  • Facial cleansing wipes
  • Q tips
  • Blender
  • Food processor
  • Juicer - I am very big on whole foods and instead of just loading up on ensure I am going to try to focus on making my own juices. I am going to make soups and smoothie packs before surgery so when I am feeling lazy and exhausted I just have to thaw or throw them in a blender. 
  • Netfix - for my month of boredom
  • Baby tooth brush
  • Pedestal mirror for feeding myself
  • Heating pad or bag - I already use this on a daily basis for TMJ pains

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