Friday, 17 March 2017

3 Year Anniverary Update!

Hey everyone!

Today marks 3 years since my jaw surgery! I cannot believe how quickly time has passed since operation. Leading up to it all time passes so slowly and it honestly feels like it cannot go quickly enough. However once those braces come off and it truly feels like "life begins" time seems to fly by at rapid speed! I have been so lucky in my recovery process. I could not be more pleased with my results and I don't have any regrets with getting the surgery. I really do feel like this is the face I should have been born with. I spent some time looking through baby photographs of myself, and I remember thinking before I had my surgery that I looked nothing like when I was a baby. However since my surgery I have noticed I look a lot more like my younger self before my jaw grew out of control!

I have been doing my best to live my life to the fullest, smiling as much as I can't along the way. I get may compliments on my smile, and I am sure to tell them all the work and emotion that went in to creating the smile that I have. For anyone going through this process, please know that it can be extremely taxing on your physical and emotional health. Not only do you have to cope with the pain of braces and the surgery but it is a huge adjustment to get used to a completely new face! But I promise you it is so worth it in the end. To have the confidence to smile and laugh without hesitation is completely priceless!

As for the rest of my life, I have been happily married for a year and a half and we are waiting to move into our new home that is being built. We welcomed our first child, my sweet baby boy Lucas into the world on January 19th 2017 weighing 7lbs and 15oz and he is absolutely the love of my life! I love that I get to go through all of these amazing milestones in life with a big smile on my face. I don't fear photographs and I don't have to make sure that I sit at a certain angle so that my jaw doesn't look big. For anyone going through this journey I am wishing you so much happiness in life and strength to get through the hard times because you will be so happy that you powered through!!!

All the best !