Friday, 3 October 2014

I have another date!

So we all wait and wait wait to hear the words "you can book your surgery" and then we wait and wait and wait to hear the words "you're ready to get your braces off" WELL after taking a year and a half to be told I could have surgery I thought for sure I had another year and a half in braces. 

At my last appointment my orthodontist told me that it would be February when I would probably get my braces off. To me that was far too long, I am so tired of being 24 with braces! So I was at the orthodontist yesterday and he was looking at my teeth. Asking me to move my jaw this way and move my jaw that way, pondering and pondering. And then he said "let's get those braces off in December" I wanted to leap out of the chair and dance !! 


I have been so jealous watching everyone go trough this journey and come out brace free on the other side, get married and keep living their lives.. Well it's my turn ! And after all the pain and ups and downs of the past two years I must say, I think I deserve it haha. 

I will finally get my engagement pictures taken with my brace free teeth and I will not stop smiling for a second. Some times I look back at the pictures from when I was little and I used to smile so big and so much. As soon as my teeth started to come in crooked the smiling stopped and so did a lot of pictures. But that's no a problem anymore! The smiling is back :)

So I saw my surgeon who said everything looks great! And then right after I ran to my orthodontists. They put on a fighter power chain to close any gaps. They also shaved the bottoms of my teeth so that they are smooth and I don't have baby looking teeth. I am still wearing three Elastics which are a pain but I'll power through ! Ther than that I have one more appointment booked and then the braces come off! Woo!! 

Hope all is well :)