Thursday, 4 September 2014

Six months post op

We'll I am almost 6 months post op! First off I feel great and I smile every day :) I have zero numbness in my face which I am so happy about. Also I have no pain at all, just the occasional headache but those run in my family so I expect them haha. Life has been great since surgery! I barely think about the actual surgery however I am extremely tired of my braces and I am so ready for them to come off.

I had an adjustment about a week ago and I asked my orthodontist when they will be coming off. He told me not until probably February. So so far away :( but what can I do. Hopefully my teeth will move super fast and it will be sooner. I am not wearing power chains on both the top and the bottom and I have three elastics one on my left side and two on my right all in a triangle configuration. I don't feel my teeth move too much but I am sure they are. The look so straight to me.

Here are some update pictures, also some pictures I got from my orthodontist

Remember this girl? I sure don't!

Here I am!