Monday, 14 July 2014

Almost 4 moths post op!

Some times I seriously cannot believe how fast time goes by. It's incredible! 

Jaw wise things are going really well, I see my surgeon in two days for a check up. I'm not necessarily numb anywhere anymore but when I touch my chin it still tingles a tiny bit and in a random small spot under my eye and on the tip of my nose. But I can tell the feeling will come back soon. I have had some pain on my left side of my jaw and random points, I'm sure it's just healing pain, I am not too concerned. I run my finger along my jaw line I can still feel where it was broken, I am not sure how long that takes to smooth itself out. I made the mistake of holding my dog while my fiancĂ© cut his nails and ended up getting smacked in the chin by my dogs head, wow did that ever hurt, it almost felt bruised for a day after. 

I am going to my orthodontist tomorrow for an adjustment. I really want to speed up the process and get these damn thigs off lol he seems to not mind going at a leisurely pace. I have not been as faithful wearing my elastics, I always start the day with them on and I always wear them when I sleep, but through out the day I tend to munch non stop and it's just so much work to put them on and off so much. 

Has anyone else noticed tht their skin breaks out a bunch after surgery?? Coming from a girl who always has decent skin and didn't really get too many pimples I have been breaking out like crazy since surgery. I am not impressed lol 

Life wise everything is amazing! :) hope all is well with my jaw surgery friends, hereare some update pictures