Sunday, 15 June 2014

Life after jaw surgery

So I have to admit when I would read about bloggers going through this process and then they suddenly stop blogging I got so confused. I thought how could anyone go a day or week without thinking about jaw surgery or not go on their blog!? Well let me tell you my friends it happens. Maybe not right away but after surgery you stop obsessing about surgery and life just kinda goes back to normal! It's a very surreal feeling that's for sure. I still think about surgery all the time I just dont obsess over it like I was before, it's actually really nice.

My orthodontist said my braces should be able to come off by the end of the year but I'll believe that when I see it :p my next adjustment isn't for about a month or so. 

I haven't really had any pain with my jaw, no headaches either :) I am eating crunchy carrots daily without any problem! I still get many compliments and comments on how different I look. Everyone is scared to comment at first because they don't want to offend your old face but you can tell they like the new face better :p it's still me on the inside!

There is lots of wedding planning happening for both me and my two best friends who also just got engaged! The main thing to remember when it comes to surgery is that life goes on! Your world stops revolving around staring at evry movement that happens in your mouth and you actually SMILE and LAUGH with no hesitation or shame and it feels amazing!! Even with the braces. I want the world to see me smile now and that is a feeling I never thought I would feel. People notice the confidence change in you and you become more fun to be around. 

So my friends all of this pain and discomfort and emotions are all worth it, I promise!!