Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day 44: 6 weeks post op

I am officially back to work! I am so glad I waited the full 6 weeks before going back , I definitely did not feel well enough to go back until about the 5-6 week mark. I still have sharp shooting pains in my face from my nerves regenerating but my surgeon said that will go away. I have had to do a lot of explaining and talking about my surgery. Nothing but positive things were said by my co workers. I got a lot of "you look so much younger!" Again and a lot of "you looked good before but you look even better now" same things I have been hearing and I love all of it! For the first time I don't feel ugly, and it is such an amazing feeling.

I also went to see my surgeon for my 6 weeks post op appointment. As usual it was quick, he took a peak around my mouth, asked if I had any concerns. I talked with him about my nausea that I have been getting. I noticed since surgery I am much more sensative to motion sickness even when I am driving. My surgeon said he has never heard of that and hopefully it will get better. He switched me to weaker elastics they have a teddy bear on the package. They feel so good because they aren't yanking my jaw jaw closed. 

I am still back to normal with eating. I eat anything and everything, even crunchy things! 

I hope all is well :)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Jaw surgery problems

although there were many many frustrating things through out all of this, one of the most frustrating things is when people assume I had this done for cosmetic reasons. It is SOO annoying when people say things to me such as "why are you doing this you look fine" "you're too young for plastic surgery" do they honestly think that I would break my face in three different places just to look a little better?? No! I did all of this because I had to. I couldn't chew, or talk normal, I was constantly in pain from my TMJD, and I couldn't smile. I'm not one of those girls who is blessed with beautiful teeth or a perfect bite. I had to suffer throughout my whole life with this problem. Looking back at my family picture and pictures from when I was a kid I was never smiling because I was so self conscious. I was picked on and made fun of even in my adult years. 

This isn't something I chose to go through. Who would want to go through months of a swollen face, being unable to talk and eat, constant nausea and pain and having to rely on everyone to do things for you. I'm sorry for all of this ranting but this drives me insane! No matter how many times I explain to people that it wasn't really by choice I had to have this done people still think that I did this for vain reasons. 

The worst is my fianc├ęs family. Even NOW they still say " I liked the way you were before to I don't know why you would put yourselves through that" I want to scream at them. I just endured the hardest 5 weeks ever and they think it was for fun. 

Okay I'm done ranting. I just wish people wouldn't be so judgmental when they hve no idea what they are saying. Just be supportive even if you don't understand it. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for having this surgery. You are making your future better. You are preventing arthritis in your joints and TMJ pain. You are helping yourself to chew and talk and smile. Own it. Don't let people feel guilty. They couldn't possibly understand what we have been through.

Five weeks post op pictures

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Day 37

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I went back home for a week and it was so wonderful! I did so much chewing and talking I almost felt normal haha. I saw all of my family, a lot of them didn't recognize me at first and everyone told me that I look so so different. Only positive comments about it though. I got a lot of "you look so much younger" and "your face looks so much more balanced" 

I forgot to write a post about my orthodontist appointment last week. It was exciting all of the hygenists came over screaming looking at my face and my ring telling me how nice I looked and how happy they were for me. I felt so special. My dad came with me which was cool he got to see everything I do every 4-6 weeks haha no adjustments were done just a lot of looking and talking. I have an appointment for the end of May for my first adjustment.

Swelling and Stiffness : I still notice some swelling in my cheeks right beside my nostrils. However not really many people can notice it, I know that it will go away slowly. It still makes me feel like I'm from whoville haha my lips are still stiff and even though I try to move them lots it's still hard. They loosen up by the end of the day but are always so stiff in the morning. I can open my mouth almost two fingers now 

Pain: I haven't taken any pain meds in weeks. The only pain I have been experiencing is in the evening after a day of talking and chewing my face is sore and super tingly. Also I have been having shooting muscle spasm type pains throughout the day that only last a second or so. I don't feel the need to take any pain meds. 

Eating: I pretty much eat anything and everything minus anything hard or crunchy. I am still learning to chew and I bite my lip and cheeks a lot but what can ya do. I cut everything up small and chew slowly. Also, Easter candy just melts in your mouth so.. Jaw surgery win lol let's just say I'm having no problem getting my weight back.

Energy: I have all my energy back, I kicked ass in the Easter egg hunt and stayed up until 2am most nights while I was home. I also started jogging again. The first time was a little scary. I kept thinking screws please don't fall out lol but it went great! I definitely lost my endurance but I will get it back.

Hope all is well!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

4 weeks post op: before and after

It's crazy how much has changed! I look so different but I still see myself in my face. I get a lot of "you look so much younger!" Which I don't mind :) I feel like I look much more femanine and my face is much more balanced. 

Day 28: four weeks post op!

 Four weeks!! I cannot believe it, it is so crazy to even think about. I feel like from now on progress is rather slow. I still feel swollen but it goes down really slowly. It's hardly noticeable I'm sure but it's there. I'm also breaking out beside my nose, I have never broken out there. Also I'm breaking out on my chin. I have never really been prone to acne but this surgery has given my all the worst kinds of skin. It's dry and peeling, yet oily, red and itchy and breaking out. I hope that goes away.

Eating is still a daily challenge. Chewing is very every slow and it takes a lot of energy. I tend to chew only one meal a day and the rest I choose liquids because it's painful.

I saw my surgeon today for my four week post op appointment. I was in with him for a total of 2 minutes, he looked at my teeth, marveled his work (which he should) and then I was out. No changes with my elastics and I go back in two weeks. I can't wait to be rid of these painful strong elastics, they put so much pressure on my teeth it hurts.

I see my orthodontist tomorrow for a check up, I'll update again. Hope all is well!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Day 25

I am slowly getting back to normal! I am not back to work just yet, I have two more weeks off and I'm so glad I do. My face is still pretty stiff and doesn't move normal when I talk. To avoid the after surgery blues I have gotten my butt out of bed at a decent time every morning and go for an hour and a half walk. It honestly starts my day right and I feel way better throughout the day. I have my energy back. I haven't started jogging again, I have to ask my surgeon when I can do that. I am so scared I'm going to shake my screws loose haha. Today after my long walk I put together our new vanity for our bathroom and then I raked our new yard and cleaned up all of the old leaves and crud that fell from the trees, it took forever! 

I am still relearning how to chew. Today I ventured into vegetarian sushi! I had to cut everything up really small and chewed each piece up and down slowly. Took me forever but I did it! Most of my meals are blended. I have blended fruit for breakfast, usually blended veggies for lunch and soup for dinner. If I feel like treating myself I have ice cream! I made home made banana bread and I warmed it up so it was mushy it was so good :) 

I still have swelling, I am so ready for it to be gone, from the side you can barely see it but from the front you can still see my little chubby cheeks. I want the swelling and stiffness to be done and over with. 

Some of my stitches have fallen out but I can feel some starting to come out. I don't want to poke around or pull any. I am able to brush my teeth still using a baby tooth brush. I can open my mouth just over one fingers worth, not quite two fingers. 

I don't have any pain anymore. I just have a TON of tingling in my face it drives me crazy. I know it's a good sign but goodness does it ever annoy me. The worst sensation is tickling in my nose. It's like having someone tickle your nose and there is no way to itch it. 

Over all I am really happy with the results. Today my boyfriend snuck a picture of my profile and when I looked at it I wanted to cry. For the first time in my life I actually liked the way I looked from the side. This whole process is hard and overwhelming and emotional but I promise it is worth it! For anyone who is just starting this just stick with it, you will be so happy you did!

Blended strawberries and mango!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Day 21: three weeks post op

Well it has been three weeks since double jaw surgery and genioplasty. Some times it feels like a life time ago and some times it feels like just yesterday. 

Swelling: swelling I find hasn't changed much. Some times I have more swelling and some times it looks like very little swelling. There is definitly swelling remaining in my cheeks and chin.

Numbness: I am still numb in my chin, lips and beside my nose. It tingles like crazy which is annoying but good because that means feelings coming back. If anything touches my chin it tingles like mad and drives me crazy. I also have burning in my lips. If I touch beside my nose it feels like my fingers are  there when they're not. It's just very annoying and so so so uncomfortable. 

Pain: I get soreness in my joints when I open my mouth for the first time in the morning. Also, by the end of the day my jaws are so sore from talking.

Eating: I am on a soft diet still. I haven't started chewing yet, the idea still makes me feel awful, my jaws just don't move well yet. I attempted to chew once and the food just gets stuck in my cheeks and it takes forever to get it out. Another awful thing is that I keep biting my lips and it hurts so bad to the point where they bleed. I have mainly been eating soups, yogurt, mashed fruit, mashed sweet potato, oatmeal and blended chili. I can't wait to go back to my vegan diet. My surgeon insists that I eat yogurt with a probiotic in it. I still have maintained a solid vegetarian diet.

I am very tired and annoyed of my face. It's constantly tingling and uncomfortable and I just want to be normal again. It is still so stiff no matter how much I do my lip and facial exercises and how much i talk. Yes I'm complaining and I know I should be super excited I'm healing but it's hard. I think all jaw surgery patients get to this point where they are annoyed and fed up. I like the results and I'm happy with how my face is looking, I just can't wait to see the actual end result because the surgeon said my face is still swollen and my looks will continue to change. It's hard when you have to wait so long to see the results. 

I can open my mouth about the size of one finger. At first I was using a gelato spoon I picked up it is perfectly flat so it fit in my mouth when I could barely open it. I have graduated to a baby spoon yay!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Two weeks!

Technically two weeks was yesterday but it was a busy day and I didn't have time to post. 

Doctors appointment: I had to see my regular doctor to get my blood checked since my platelets were low before surgery. I got the results today and my platelets are back to normal, however, my iron is low. It's probably because of surgery and my diet being kind of off. I have to start taking an iron supplement and recheck my blood after three months. My doctor didn't recognize me when I came in! 

Surgeon appointment: today I had my two week post op appointment. Everything looks really good! My surgeon kept looking at my bite saying "wow, your bite is perfect!" He told me the measurements but there was like 5 different measurements for the top jaw and 5 more for the bottom jaw and a few more for my chin. I was so confused. He did so many pushing, pulling, twisting and shaving. Whatever he did it looks great and I'm so happy with the results. He said I have a bit of swelling still so my looks will change more. He put one elastic on each side in a box configuration and I can take them off to eat. He also took the two front stitches out. I go back in two weeks. 

Swelling: today I woke up with my lips a little more swollen than normal, I'm not sure why. My incision along the top gums is still sore. The swelling doesn't seem to change much day to day. I still have swelling in my chin, my cheeks and kind of all over. 

Energy: my energy is pretty much back to normal. I spent an entire day shopping yesterday, it was fun! By the end of the day I was tired, but that is normal. However all the talking really wears me out. 

Diet: I attempted to go to an ice cream shop with my aunt yesterday. I had them blend my ice cream into a shake and I used a small spoon to put it into my mouth using a compact mirror. It was a funny sight. Today I got the OK for a soft food diet. I ran home in excitement, whipped my bands off and made mashed potatoes. I went to open my mouth to shove them in and it was not as easy as I planned. My mouth barely opens and I can only fit a tiny amount of food at a time. It took me a half an hour to eat a quarter of a sweet potato and some mashed avocado. 

When I went to put the bands back on it took me forever. They are so tight and hard to get on.