Saturday, 29 March 2014

Day 12

Swelling: subtle changes every day. There is still swelling beside my nose, in my cheeks and my chin. I'm not sure there is anything I can do to help it go down at this point, I guess I just have to let it do it's thing.

Bruising: I still have a little bit of bruising on my jawline. It's mostly just faint yellow, it's going away :)

Pain: the pain is most in my teeth and gums now. I guess te feeling is coming back in my gums and it feels like needles. It feels like my teeth have become super sensative and it's like I'm chewing on ice cream. I am not taking the codein anymore, just children's advil when needed.

Energy: I have most of my energy back, I was able to go run errands today with Kevin. We went and picked out tile for my bathroom, stopped by a health food store to pick up some soup and to te grocery store. I spent time skyping again with my family and I was pretty tired by the end of it but I still have energy. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Day 11

Not much going on today, swelling still looks about the same.

I started to have pain in my teeth in the evening. It felt like I had been clenching my teeth together for 2 weeks, oh wait I have been! I have been prying my teeth open just for a moment of relief. I finally caved and took pain meds which helped. I also had some pain again in the stitch below my nose. I think it's just sore and red from talking so much and making all my silly faces. 

I doscovered milk shakes. Oh my goodness where have they been all of this time!? I had butterscotch and vanilla ice cream. It was the best thing ever!!

This is what I have been living off of lately. I cannot wait until I can go back to my full vegan diet. This milk is really hurting my tummy. But it is near impossible to find soups without milk or cream that are smooth. 

I also got the cutest flower arrangement from my dad and step mom today, it definitely brightened my day. I spent time skyping my aunts, my grandma and grandpa and my dad and brothers. I have a big family and we are all very close so they love to talk! My face is tired. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Day 10

Don't get me wrong, I love laying around watching movies and catching up on old tv shows, but I also love getting out of the house. I don't feel well enough to go on a big outing, but I really want to go on a small outting, be so social and do something normal! 

I feel like the swelling is at a stand still and I don't know how to make it go down anymore I am so frustrated! I am still icing, drinking lots of water, doing facial massages and doing my face excersizes. I think I maybe should start walking more. 

I only have pain at night after a long day of talking and facial excersizes. Last night I got quite the headache. I took pain meds before bed and it seemed to help. Sleeping upright is getting harder each night, I just want to lay on my tummy again. 

I am still on the strained liquid diet. I tried soup yesterday, didn't think I need to strain it. Big mistake. I got so much pulp stuck in my cheek it was awful to try and fish out. I learned my lesson. My fiancé loves I eat pizza right beside me and the smell makes me drool. It is absolute torture! I miss good :( this liquid diet is just not doing it for me. The second I can whip these bands off and shove a spoon in it is happening. 

My wonderful puppy decided to jump on the bed as I was feeding myself soup, spilling all of my soup all over me and the bed. I spent the afternoon cleaning my bedding that was stained with butternut squash soup. It has been a day of frustration. But I must keep myself calm because crying hurts too much. I also noticed the stitch directly below my nose is sore and it's looking red. I am worried, I hope it's nothing. I rinsed my mouth and my stitches with warm salt water. 

After lots of pouting I took a nap. My face is kind of sore today. I asked my fiancé to pick up some liquid advil for me. I don't want to take anymore narcotics.

If I look in the mirror day to day I don't see a difference in swelling, but if I compare pictures I notice a difference. My jaw line is showing more now  

I can open my jaw a little more today! It is a lot of work to do it so I don't do it often. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day 8: Post Op with my Surgeon

Today I has my first post op appointment with my surgeon. Everything went really well!! He said that I am talking really well for one week post op, he said most people only mumble. My bruising and my swelling are looking good and are as to be expected. He also said the insisions look good and the is no infection. 

He cut all of my bands with scissors and it felt so weird! I could feel my teeth clink together in ways they never did. He to me I didn't have to open my mouth much if I didn't feel comfortable, it can feel strange at first. He said my teeth look great and I am doing a good job at cleaning them. I use my tiny little tree shaped brush to clean the outsides of the teeth. He then used a syringe filled with water and some mouth wash and sprayed my teeth down and cleaned them for me. 

He placed two bands on each side of my teeth. I can open them about a millimeter if I try really hard. My surgeon said the bands will become weaker in time and I may be able to open them more. He wants me to do exercises puckering my lips and smiling, aparently it brings down the swelling. 

I am still taking my antibiotic and putting the cream on the corners of my lips. The pain has gone down a lot, I only take the codein before bed. I handled the car ride home well, only slight nausea at the end!

When I got home I blended up some soup since I got the OK from the surgeon . It was minestrone soup I prepared before surgery. I blended it and mixed it with broth until it was thin enough to go in y syringe. It was AMAZING!!

My friend came to visit and I swear I talked for an hour straight. My jaws are so sore now. I'm going to go ice them and not talk for a while :) 

Before and after one week post op

I just wanted to share a comparison of before my surgery and my current face. It looks like someone else, a totally different persons. The length in my chin is so different and my nose is bigger (I hope that it's only swelling)

I also LOVE the way my profile is looking! No more pointy chin! So cute and femanin 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Day 7: one week post op!

Today has been another day of good! YAAAY! I followed the same routine as yesterday, up at a decent time, ensure and juice for breakfast and then a shower. I spent time visiting with my aunt for her birthday, but two hours of talking wore me right out and I started to feel a wee not nauseated. Took some gravol, had a nap and then I felt better. 

I noticed I'm getting some pain in my chin, I hope it is just from the surgery and not an infection. It hurts when it moves when I talk. If I'm not talking it just tingles like the nerves are regenerating. If I run my finger along my jaw bone I can feel where my chin is moved, it's so weird. 

Prune juice is so awful, but it's a must after surgery. I try to mix it with fruit juices to get rid of the horrid prune taste. 

I haven't taken any pain meds yet today, I only take them once or twice a day, usually before bed so I don't have pain in the night. I don't want to get too reliant on pain meds and gravol to sleep so I want to try to slowly stop taking them, I only take them when needed. 

I am still getting as much fluids as I can. I have seemed to have stayed 115 for a few days now, hopefully I've stopped losing wight I don't want to look super sick. 

I managed to walk around the block today (a big block) and I did quite well, but by the time I got home I was ready to lay down. I had high hopes I would heal super fast. I don't know if I'm healing at a fast speed, average or slow. From every blog I've looked at each person has been different. Some people are up and walking and doing whatever on day 2 and others can't get out of bed until week 2. I guess everyone heals differently. 

I see my surgeon tomorrow, hopefully nothing but good news! :)

Day 6

I think I'm starting to get the hang of things. Yesterday was Day 6 was the first good full day I have had since surgery! Nausea was minimal and so was the pain. I got up, showered by myself and had breakfast upstairs. I spent time visiting and laughing and attempting to talk. And if went outside for a walk! It wasn't a long walk but it was a walk :) 
The bruising has turned to yellow, I hope that means it's going away. Sorry for the crazy hair. I have no strength to do anything to my hair. But I am managing to smile a little more every day :)

I cleaned out my nose and I feel like it's so clear is amazing! My saliva is getting pretty thick feeling no matter how much water I drink. I cannot wait to brush my teeth!

When I felt tired I layed down for a few hours and once I felt rested I got back up and tried to get up and walk and visit with people. I think it really helped! When it was time to sleep I took all of my meds at once again and had another good night sleep! I slept for 4 hour intervals and only woke for a few minutes, repositioned my pillows and slept again. I have got my pillow formation down pat! I sleep on a slanted couch cushion, with a couple pillows on too and I position one under my head and I lay a bit on my side while I hug a pillow haha. I make sure there it's a pillow directly under my jaw so it doesn't push on it. 

My pup loves to hang out and take care of me :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day 5: one step forward and two steps back

Day 5 was less than pleasant. I had tried a couple different things to eat, like vegetable juice and thinned soup. Good greif it is hard to find food that tastes delicious in liquid form and high in calories. The vegetable juice was so thick and strong tasting. Normally I would have no problem drinking it but oh man I just couldn't do it.  So I tried to have some juice and another ensure.  Big mistake. Mixing those foods made me feel so sick to my stomach. 

Day 5 was just one of those days where I was just fed up. Fed up with feeling light headed when I stood up. My back is constantly sore from sitting in bed. The feeling is coming back in my face so it's tingly like pins and needles and now I can feel more pain. I feel bad because I have to depend on people to help me to do so much still and it's frustrating. I started to cry in frustration, big mistake again. It hurts A LOT to cry. Avoid crying at all costs. 

When it came to 11pm and I was still so exhausted and fed up my boyfriend finally said I should take pain meds and gravol and just try to sleep. He was right I passed right out and slept for long intervals through the night!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Day 4: Getting stronger!

I have definitely come to realize that mornings are the hardest for me. I don't know if it's because of my dry and sore throat, because my ice pack has usually fallen off and I can feel the pressure throbbing in my face, or my pain and nausea medications have worn off or all of the above but mornings suck post op. 

I slept a little better last night, 2-3 hour intervals. I found a way to prop myself a bit on my side with my head still elevated. It may have took 10 pillows but I did it! I am usually the person who sleeps on her stomach hugging a pillow so this is all a new challenge for me and I'm still waking up with back aches. 

During the night I managed to climb up the stairs twice to refill my ice, go me! 

Numbness: I don't have as much numbness as most people, I don't know if it was because my surgery was shorter or what. Right now I can feel almost my entire face excluding my nose , my lips and my chin. I can feel the corner of my lips though.

Pain: as I mentioned before my pain is okay as long as I have ice on my face. By my pain hits really randomly and really hard. I had a dose of codein at 2:00am yesterday and I had no pain all day and then suddenly at 9:00pm I had horrid unbearable pain. It's strange. I don't want to take the pain meds just in case because they make me feel sick and why use them if I don't need them. 

Swelling: the swelling looks about the same to me. I hope to get up and maybe walk around the block hopefully get that swelling down. 

I managed to take another shower today, it still takes all of my energy but does it ever feel good once I shower. My sinuses are clear and I feel so clean. I also get to wash my lips. The cream the doctor has me put on 4x a day leaves a gross film on my lips and I hate it

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day 3: peak of swelling

I didn't think I could get any more swollen but I was wrong. I just pray the swelling starts to subside. I feel like I want to poke my face with a pin so it deflates! Ha!

I was super nauseated waking up this morning. I went to take a gravol but I realized that it was 100mg dose and that is just way too high for me. I usually take 25mg and this was a suppository so I couldn't break it up. Kevin went out and got me some children's gravol which worked amazing. I was able to get my medications down and sleep for a couple hours. When I woke up I was able to walk around the house, up and down the stairs taking a couple breaks. 

I weighed myself for the first time today, I started out at 126 and I now weigh 120. It's been tough getting adequate calories in with just clear fluids, I can't wait to have something with some substance to it. 

So far my tips would be: 

1. make sure you have anti nausea meds on a schedule. If you take them when you need them then it will probably be too late. The meds that you're given for recovery are pretty hard on your stomach and you can't exactly take them with food.

2. Make sure you walk around when you feel up to it. My back has been super sore from laying down. It really helps when I walk and try to sit in different chairs.

3. Peroxide and qtips! They work miracles on the clots in your nose. My surgeon said to not use it the first day because you could have a bleed, but after that if you do it gently it should be okay. I would wait until your surgeon says it's okay.

4. Make sure you have someone around 24/7 to help you. I thought it would be no problem doing this on my own. It's not day three and I realize that I wouldn't even have made it past surgery day without support. 

I took a glorious bath today with the help of Kevin. It felt so refreshing to just soak for a while and make sure I was clean and shaven. I didn't want to stink and start repelling people.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Day 2 Post op: home!

I am finally home. Today started out rough but got a little better. I didn't sleep at all last night because I was so congested. Luckily at 8:00am my surgeon came and stuck some peroxide soaked q-tips up my nose and the blood clots magically dissolved. He then got a long suction tube and sucked all the junk out of my nose. It was a horrid feeling. But the end result was worth it. I asked my nurse to give me some gravol before the ride home just so I didn't feel nauseated.

My fiancé and my dad took me home, they were so gentle and careful with me :) so sweet. Since I could finally breath I slept for an hour or two. My fiancé showered me since i am still pretty week.

I managed to get down some more broth, gingerale and lots of water. I know now that taking any of my meds on an empty stomach makes me nauseated. 

I cleaned out my nose again before bed. I am so scared I am going to stop breathing in my sleep. I had three doses of pain meds throughout the day. My back is pretty sore. I am not used to spending so much time sitting in bed. 

Day 1: Post Op

The day didn't start off well. I still hadn't received any medication for nausea and I was so sick. I was texting my fiancé and my dad asking them to please come to the hospital and help. My day nurse was so mean, she came in and gave me a gown and towels and told me to go to the bathroom and wash myself. I kept writing on a paper that my nausea was 10/10 and she kept ignoring it. Finally Kevin came at around 9am and he tried to talk to the nurse about my nausea, she finally gave my gravol. 

It took me forever to finally get up and use the bathroom. I had to stop several times and sit down. My nose was bleeding every time I stood up.

Most people are numb from their eyess down but because my surgery was shorter I didn't have as much nerve damage. I can feel parts of my face which make it so painful. 

My surgeon came to see me and took the bandage off of my chin, which hurt like crazy. I was almost in tears. He explained that everything went really well and that he was really happy with the results. My dad arrived and got a chance to talk to my surgeon. 

Each meal they would bring me tea, jello and beef broth. Kevin kept telling them I am a vegetarian and I cannot physically eat jello. But they wouldn't listen. My dad had to go buy me vegetable broth, it was frustrating. The only nurse that was sympathetic was the student nurse I had. She was awesome. She was so gentle and kind and didn't rush me. She have me all the meds I needed until my nausea subsided. 

My swelling has gotten a lot worse today, I can't breath out of my nose, it is fully clogged with blood clots. My surgeon said he would clean them out tomorrow. I have Popsicle sticks holding my lips open so I can breath. Unfortunelty this means I had to moisten my mouth constantly and it is impossible for me to sleep. I can feel my nerves regenerating, which feels like cold drops all over my face. So annoying. It os now almost 4 in the morning and I'm so tired but can't sleep. I will update again tomorrow after I'm discharged !

Day 0: Surgery Day

Surgery day was a rollercoast ride of emotions. I paced around the house making sure everything was perfect before heading off the the hospital. My fiancé drove us there at around 10:00am and I was seen right away to get checked in. They took down some of my info, taped my belly button ring down and described my surgery to me. They had me change into hospital clothing. There was a giant waiting room with a bunch of other people in hospital clothing waiting for their surgery. I was informed that my surgery had been changed to 12:45 instead of 12:00.  I got called in and my boyfriend was able to watch my status on this giant tv that said where i was. And thus is where the roller coaster began.

They had me hop up on a stretcher outside of the operating room. I waited for a while, finally a resident anesthesiologist came to talk to me. He was explaining the procedure, going through my papers when suddenly he said "oh. Hmm. Be back in a moment" with a puzzled look on his face. Just then my surgeon came out, looked at the paper work and had the same look on his face. Then he told me my platelet count was low and it was something he needed to look into. They had to do STAT blood work on me and he told me that if they were any lower my surgery would be canceled. Then a bunch of student nurses came over to put my IV in and draw blood. It was overwhelming. All these people around me and I jus started to cry. They were all super comforting and told me everything was going to be alright. Of course the computers were down so it was going to be a wait. My surgery team decided to go get lunch as I laid on a stretcher in the hall by myself. About an hour later they came back and told me they were still low but they were going to go ahead with surgery since I haven't had any bleeding problems. 

I walked into the OR, I was very careful to not look around at the tools, I don't need to see that. They put oxygen over my mouth and nose, injected the sedative into my arm which burned like crazy. 

The next thing I remember I am being held up by two nurses who are yelling "cough cassie cough!" As I proceded to puke up large amounts of blood. Then I just have faint memories of being in my room and waking up every few minutes in the night. 

My fiancé said that he was the last one in the waiting room and he couldn't get a hold of anyone. No one came to tell him how I was doing or where I was. He finally got called into see me in my room at 7:00pm poor guy. He spent a few hours with me before he headed home for the night 

I woke up after he was gone feeling so sick and could not stop throwing up. The nurses were less than sympathetic who told me I had to get up and use the washroom. I couldn't even sit up for a second without throwing up. I was so distraught I couldn't talk or communicate at all it was a horrible experience.

Monday, 17 March 2014

I made it!

Hey everyone just letting you guys know I made it through! Yesterday and today have been two of the most painful and uncomfortable days of my life. I get discharged in the morning and I will fill everyone in on how everything went!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Surgery is tomorrow!

I can't believe my surgery day is FINALLY here!! I honesty thought it would never come. I remember when I started this journey it felt like a life time away and each appointment felt so far apart. I am not nervous just yet, I have been so distracted with work and renovating our house I haven't had time to get nervous. I am just really really excited! I know the nerves will kick in soon.

Last night I had a couple dreams where my surgery went wrong or where I hate my results. In one dream I had a permanent open bite and in another my gums some how became swollen and you couldn't see my teeth! I know my surgeon is a professional and he will do his best to make me look good as well as have a functional bite. 

For anyone who is starting this journey I know it is honestly so so hard to be patient, but the wait is worth it! The best advice I can give is to try to distract yourself from obsessing about surgery. For the past year surgery has taken over my brain and this last month I have been distracted with life and time has flew by. 

Here is what I have packed for the hospital: 

- pajamas
- bath robe
- pedestal mirror
- face wipes
- phone charger
- tablet (to watch movies if I feel up to it)
- note book and pen to communicate
- breath right strips
- contact information for my surgeon and my insurance company
- q-tips

I can go through this list and cross out why I didn't bother using. 

I will be arriving at the hospital at 10:30am to get admitted, and then my surgery will be at 12:00pm. My surgery will be around 2.5 hours. I can't promise I will post within the first few days, I have a tendency to fall off the face of the earth when I don't feel well but I promise I will try my best :) my boyfriend promises to take pictures even though he is so squeamish I'll be surprised if he doesn't pass out :p

For my last crunchy day off food it will be full off toast, pretzels and pizza! Midnight is my cut off for food and 8:00am is my cut off for water. I think once I actually get to the hospital my nerves will kick in. I wish my surgery was at 8, I know I am not going to be able to sleep and it's going to be torture haha.

So I will see everyone on the other side! Send lots of positive thoughts my way :) :) good luck to Larissa who is having her surgery one week after mine! I will try to take some before pictures in the morning if I have time. I can start to feel my tummy feeling butterflies, the nerves are coming! Talk to everyone soon!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pre Op- hospital and surgeon + other news!

Hey all! Yesterday I had my pre op appointments at the hospital and with my surgeon. This is how my day went:

Admitting: 12:30 I arrived at the hospital, I had to go to admitting first because if you are staying over night for your surgery you have to decide on what type of room you want and all that good stuff. I have to see if my benefits cover a better room than a standard room because I don't think I can handle being in a room with four other patients. I heard it can be chaotic and it will be hard enough to sleep as is. I spent about 10 minutes there and then I was off to the pre op clinic. 

Pre op clinic: I was seen rather quickly at the clinic, they went over my history, took my vital signs and did blood work. They took down all of my contact information and my emergency contact. They also went over what my hospital stay will be like and any important details that I needed to know. It was honestly so fast. I have read so many blogs I feel like I'm already prepared. 

Anesthesiologist: I met with the lady who will be putting me to sleep for surgery. She was super friendly and explained everything so I could understand. She said yes I will be getting and NG tube that goes through my nose and into my stomach as well as a breathing tube that goes through my nose and helps me breath. She said both stay in until I am awake and then both come out. She also said I will have a lot of nausea due to the dripping blood irritating my stomach, and I will be on lots of anti nausea meds. 

Pharmacist: I didn't need to meet with a pharmacist because I don't take any medications, only vitamins. They told me I am not to take any vitamins or herbal teas a week before surgery.

After I was finished at all of these appointments I had about two hours to kill before meeting with my surgeon so my boyfriend and I went out to lunch and I got the biggest veggie burger I had ever seen. I had about four bites and called it a day, i just could not handle it haha

Surgeon: I arrived at my surgeons office at 4:30, I paid my balance of $4,415 (ouch) and they took x rays of my current bite. It was difficult for me because they kept telling me to relax my bite, I'm so used to forcing my lips closed so tht was a challenge. They also took impressions with the worst tasting goop ever. Took me forever to get it out of my surgical hooks. Note to any jaw surgery goers, if you have the option, get the hooks on after your pre op so you aren't stuck for 20 minutes trying to rinse the pink goop out of your mouth haha.

My surgeon explained everything in great detail. He said my surgery will only take 2.5 hours, they will be doing both jaws, my chin and shaving off bone to even out my jaw line. He said he will decide if they need to expand anything at the time of surgery. He said that if they do have to expand then I will need to keep the splint in, if not then I won't have a splint. 

He isn't sure of the measurements just yet but they will move my top jaw forward, and straighten it, move my bottom jaw back, and straighten it, move my chin forward, and straighten it and shave bone off of one side because one side is a lot longer. I told him he had his hands full. 

I will be on clear fluids for 4 days, then I will move on to a regular fluids. He said that each post op visit he will update me on why my diet can be. He showed me my X-rays and pointed out where he will be cutting and moving and so on.

At this point I'm just excited. I can definitely feel the nerves setting in some times but it's mostly just excitement. 

IN OTHER NEWS.. I got engaged!!! It was completely unexpected and so amazingly romantic and he just did the best job :) best day ever! I'm so happy! So I have a lot on my plate right now, a new house, renovations, engagement and double jaw surgery! 

Only 4 more days until my surgery!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Surgical hooks are on!

I was somewhat nervous going into my appointment today, still so scared someone is going to tell me I'm not ready for surgery. Luckily everythig went really well! Two hours at the orthodontist and my mouth is even more jam packed with metal! 

The hooks were tricky, they have to measure them all out and put the wire in your mouth, take it off, measure, attach a hook, put the wire in your mouth, measure, take it out, put a hook on and repeat until all the hooks are on! It was painful at times when they were trying to put the wire on in the end but other than that it was painless. I'm sure other orthodontists put them on different ways. They don't use the little bands to hold the wire in they use ligatures once the hooks are on so my mouth is so full of that metal grey :(

The most painful part was when they grinded off the blue glue they had on my teeth to keep my bite open. Oh my goodness was it ever awful, I thought I was going to hurl from the feeling of the grinder. But I made it through! 

After that they took pictures of my current bite, gave me a TON of wax and cleaning brushes and then all of the hygienists and my ortho gave me lots of hugs and wished me luck! My next appointment is set for April 16th, they wanted it about three to four weeks after surgery. They said the appointment is just to take a look around my mouth and make sure everything is still in place.

So far the hooks aren't painful, they just get food stuck in them like crazy! Everyone at the orthodontists office kept telling me to gain weight for surgery but I just said no thanks haha I am taking advantage of the post surgery weight loss. 
Here is my current wonky bite! The hooks are a lot more noticeable than I had hoped :(

I have less than a week before I see my surgeon, my orthodontist said he will meet with him this week and he will come visit me in the hospital the day after my surgery, which I thought was super nice :)