Friday, 28 February 2014

Pre Op, Dentist and Supplies list

Hey everyone! I had my pre op yesterday with my family doctor and everything went well. She went over my medical history and checked off some boxes, jotted some things down and took my vital signs and that was pretty much that. I am a healthy person so it was easy to check all the "no" boxes for any problems that a person could have. Today I had my dentist appointment to have my teeth cleaned. All of the staff told me how excited they were for me and they couldn't wait to see the results. I am excited to! Not nervous about the surgery just yet, just nervous about anything that could postpone it. So far this is what I have for surgery

  • Baby spoons
  • Baby tooth brush (with Eyore on it :) )
  • Breath right strips
  • Q-tips
  • Sinus pillow (I couldn't find the jaw bra anywhere, the sinus pillow is the same concept, you can hear it up or put it in the freezer and it can be velcrowed around your face)
  • Syringes 
  • Pedestal mirror
  • Ice packs
  • Water pik
  • Blender
  • Food processor
  • Breakfast in bed tray
  • Humidifier 
  • Notebook
  • Burts bees chap stick 
  • Gogo squeeze (just plain apple, a box of Costco has 20 pouches)
  • Almond milk
  • Vegetable broth 
  • Frozen berries 
  • Spinach 
  • Lots of vegetables 
  • Happy planet juice 
  • Frozen home made soups
  • Ensure 
  • vegan protein powder
I will go through this list again after surgery and cross out what I didn't use and emphasize what I found useful. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

21 days to go!

Hey everyone!! I made it down to 21 days until surgery!! It finally feels like its not life time away. Tomorrow I have my pre opappointment  with my doctor and then on tuesday I have my cleaning with my dentist. Then next week I get my surgical hooks and we start rennovations on our new house and that should keep me distracted until my surgery! Well at least I hope. My dad and my boyfriend are going to go with me to the hospital on surgery day and make sure I have everything i need. My bite has gotten even more awkward, I didnt think that was possible. Because they expanded my bottom jaw it changed my bite. My right side touches on occasion because my teeth kind of slide when I bite down because my left upper and lower canines hit. It is an awful feeling. I was scared my underbite would go away since im not wearing elastics but nope it has stayed and still is so awkward to smile with. I went to a concert on the weekend and hated every picture that was taken. At least with an overbite you can push your jaw forward in pictures, people with an underbite cant push their jaw back. I will maybe post again tomorrow after my doctors appointment :) no sleeping in for this girl.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Last adjustment before surgical hooks

Hey all! Yesterday was my last adjustment before they are going to put my surgical hooks on which is only three weeks away! It was a long appointment. I was there for over 2 hours! The office was really busy and it was hard for my orthodontist to spend time with everyone so he was running around like mad. 

The other day I noticed my upper left canine was sore, so I looked at it and I noticed that I could REALLY feel the root of my tooth. It wasn't poking out of my gums but it was close. So when I went in I asked him to look at it, so now they are going to slant the tooth outward to push that root back in. They put a new wire on top and another power chain. On the bottom they changed the wires so that my bottom will expand more. My teeth REALLY feel it today, I couldn't even have oatmeal it hurt so bad. I didn't think that much movement was happening so I'm not sure why it hurts that bad. After all of this wait I got home and looked at my teeth only to see that there are three blue bands missing on my front bottom teeth. I called my ortho office and the hygienist felt so bad. I have to go back in today to get them on. 

There were some things my ortho said that really confused me. He said "when's you're surgery again?" I told him Monday march 17th! And he said okay perfect everything looks good and I'll be coming to visit you on Tuesday the day after your surgery. Then he started talking about how my midlines are off and "we will have to see if I'm ready" WHAT!? What the heck does that mean!? I kept asking my hygienist and she assured me I am ready and she wasn't sure what he meant. I left so confused and stressed out. My surgery is in ONE MONTH! ONE!! And he's rambling on saying crap like that!? I don't know what he meant but if I get to my surgeon and he tells me I am not ready after a ear and a half in braces I'm going to scream and cry and never leave my room. 

They told me I don't have to wear my elastics any more to bring out my underbite. That's cool and all I mean they were a pain but now I notice I have less of an underbite without them and that stresses me out to. 

All of this stress and anxiety is honestly making me feel sick and weak. I just feel so overwhelmed right now and I don't know how to handle all of it. We have a house to renovate and pay for, I found out I'll be stuck at my inlaws for recovery because there will be too much renovating going on for me to be there, I have to go through this surgery without my mom, plan all this time off work, pack all of our things to move, I have all of these appointments and prep and then surgery what if I'm not ready?? What if they send me back and I'm in braces longer?? I am constantly staring and OBSESSING about every movement of my teeth and jaw. Ahhh I can't handle this :( :( :( I think I need to be on a beach somewhere. 

If any bloggers have some destressing advice I would love to hear it. Please send some hugs and love my way! 

Hope all is well

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New home :)

I bought a house!! My boyfriend and I had rented our condo out for a year to save money and our move in date was going to be this month on the 15th. I thought that was perfect! Gives me enough time to have everything settled and organized before surgery. BUTTT.. Life would not have it that way. We bough us a new house!! Most awkward timing ever but when it's meant to happen it happens. We get to move in on march 7th, that gives me 10 days before surgery to get everythig how I want it :) it is a cute house but it needs a lot of work which we are really excited about, we wanted to do a renovation. Lots of exciting things are happening in such a compact time it's crazy! 40 days till jaw surgery !!! Eeee!! My next adjustment is in less than a week I will update on my mouth then :) hope all is well!