Sunday, 26 January 2014


Here are some pictures of my bite currently. Sorry one picture kinda came out florescent, not sure why. Crazy to look back on my teeth before, having straight teeth is amazing, just cant wait to be able to smile normally. 

Thursday, 23 January 2014


I HAVE A DATE I HAVE A DATE!! FINALLY!! Why does it feel like i have been waiting a lifetime for this surgery to happen? I was supposed to hear back from the surgeons office last week, when I didn't hear from them by Friday I was bummed. I called them on Tuesday to see what was going on and she told me she was still scheduling everyone and they were going to call me wednesday (yesterday). Wednesday passed and they still hadn't called me. I was so frustrated! So I called today and the receptionist told me the lady to does the scheduling wasn't in today. I felt like they didnt understand that I have my own life and work and family and friends that I cant just drop and go to all of these appointments. I have to let my boss know and take time off for pre op appointments and six weeks to recover (I was told due to the nature of my job I should take 6 weeks off). I was ready to sit in my room and pout, but then not long after I got a phone call from the surgeons office and what do you know it was the scheduling lady! Guess she was in. She said there isnt a time confirmed yet, she had to coordinate with when the operating room is free. BUTTTT.. my date is :

March 17th 2014 !!

Here is the line up of appointments:

February 11th: Braces adjustment
February 24th: Pre Op appointment with my family doctor
February 25th: Dentist to get my cleaning
March 5th: Surgical hooks get put on
March 11th: Pre Op appointment at the hospital and with my surgeon at his office
March 17th: SURGERY !!

I keep worrying that something will come in the way, that the date will get pushed back, or my surgeon will say I'm not ready. I talked to the nurse at the surgeons office and she told me that my surgeon and my orthodontist have good communication and that would never be the case. So my fingers are crossed! From now until my surgery my schedule is so packed with work, appointments and moving back to my condo.

I feel emotional strung out, this process is so long and stressful both emotionally and physically (jaw wise). I am so in awe of the people who go through this process, because those are some of the strongest people. I am almost there! Thank God for my amazing blogger friends. My friends here are supportive but they just dont understand what I have been going through. Without these blogs I would be lost! 

Saturday, 18 January 2014


I went to my orthodontist last week and had my wires changed. I now have a power chain along my upper teeth and they took the power chain off the bottom teeth to expand them a little bit. Once I was finished I asked the question I asked everytime. Will I be ready for march and he said YES! Wahoooo! So i phoned my surgeon and they have me for the third week of march and they will call me this coming week with my exact date! Holy moly I am so excited! I feel like I have been waiting a lifetime. So the count down is on only two months until surgery! Eeeeeeee!!! :) hope all is well braced and unbraced friends.