Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ortho visit

Hey all! I went and had my adjustment on tuesday of last week and it went well :) I asked my  orthodontist if I am still going to be ready for march and he said most likely yes I will be ready! So he took some molds of my teeth to send to the surgeon to get the okay that we are just about there. In January the surgeons office will phone my orthodontist and ask if I am ready, if Dr M says yes then the surgeons office will call me and we will pick a date! I am just praying and praying that everything goes as planned, I am so excited. There have been so many bloggers who have had their surgery date in their head and then it doesnt work out and things get pushed back and I am so scared that will happen to me, I have had my braces almost a year and a half at the time of surgery and I think that is long enough.
I had my top wire changed to a TMA wire, they said that  should expand my top teeth. However when they put the wire on they put a little kink in it to try to rotate my tooth, but in doing so it brought the tooth too far forward. So that tooth that was stuck way behind is now ahead of the others. I wanted to  call and ask to see if that was supposed to happen but I didn't because I know that he is a wonderful orthodontist and I'm sure he knows what he is doing.

As for my bottom teeth, the wire was changed and they put a power chain across all of the bottom teeth to tighten any spaces that may be there. I am still wearing my elastics as I was before and my underbite is coming along nicely.

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and holidays! All I want for Christmas is my jaw surgery eeek !