Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Progress !

I went to the orthodontist for an adjustment yesterday (they feel so close together now which is AMAZING) and I honestly cannot believe how much that tooth has moved and how fast it went!

I have good news!! I HAVE A VISIBLE UNDER BITE! wahooooo finally the under bite is here! Happy day :)I had a bit of a clumsy hygienist who kept slipping and stabbing me with the tools, I tried to play it off like I was fine, but man did it ever hurt. She put pressure on my tooth and I winced in pain, she then said "I realise that tooth is really tender but, you're going to feel extreme pain in a minute" she wasn't kidding. She put so much pressure on that tooth my eyes were watering. Normally I can suck it up but when a tooth is already tender and then someone puts extreme pressure on it, jeeeze. My orthodontist has been amazing lately, he told me my progress is fantastic and that we are still good to go for March! (Fingers crossed) I have been in so much pain yesterday and today. I have been a big baby, layed in bed and watched movies with my boyfriend all night and drank tea.

It feels really nice to have my teeth almost straight. I don't look like I have a giant gap in the front anymore, just a wee little one. I have been smiling a lot today, it feels amazing to see fast progress. Mind you I am still so green with envy with all the people who are done with their surgery. I love seeing that around the one month mark people start to post less and less. This means that life is getting back to normal and jaw surgery isn't flooding their mind with anxiety.

Here are some pictures of the progress and a picture of photobooth fun!
this is my bite fully closed, right teeth (left in the picture) still dont touch



They are almost straight!!! ps sorry about the spinach, probably should have brushed a little better before pictures

this what they looked like before they moved that tooth forward

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Attempt #2

I had another adjustment today, just had my elastics changed and they were going to tighten my ligature pulling that tooth forward, but it wasn't working at all. My tooth is staying put and not moving for me. How rude right? So they thought they would try something else. So now I have two wires on my braces, my regular stainless steel square wire, and now a weaker more flexible wire that goes from my canine to that tiny tooth behind, to my big front tooth. Also they tied a wire around it that is supposed to help pull the tooth forward as well. The hygienist and orthodontist assured me this time it will work, so here's hoping!

It was a rather funny appointment, there were so many wires and elastics in my mouth that my hygienist felt as though she couldn't handle it on her own. So I had two hygienists and my orthodontist with their hands in my mouth and their faces an inch from mine. It is a bit tender now, not too bad though. Dr M told me to keep my position for the end of March for surgery. My next appointment will be on November 25th (I am loving these appointments that are close together) I managed to squeeze one more appointment in before Christmas on December 17th before the office closes for the holidays and it becomes impossible to get an appointment in January.

I am still wearing my elastics that are pulling my bottom teeth and jaw forward. My bite has really opened up and my under bite is starting to show itself. FINALLY! Dr M said that once my teeth are straight they will really focus on the under bite coming through.