Wednesday, 16 October 2013

x rays

adjustment and meeting with my orthodontist

Hey all!

Happy to report this appointment well splendid :D
My first appointment was to have my adjustment. They put a heavier wire on the bottom, I am pretty sure she said a 17 25 on the bottom and on the top I still have my 16 22. They are both stainless steel square wires and they may be the wires I wear for surgery. They also put a curve in the bottom wire to try to slant the bottom teeth outward. On the top they put a ligature from my little tooth behind and hooked it on to the archwire to try to pull it forward. Also, Dr M said that he would like to see me more often, I am now booked to go in every three weeks (probably because I keep bugging him that I want this done in March) he sounds doubt full that I will be ready but he said he will try his best. It is hard when my teeth were SO crooked to begin with, most jaw surgery patients had braces on when they were younger and their teeth are already straight.

New elastics :)
I was also given elastics to wear. They are the "gorilla" green medium elastics that go from my bottom second molar to my top canines to try to bring out my underbite. Needless to say my teeth and head are throbbing and I have an eight hour shift to get through, waaaa. the elastics look so off centre because my midlines do not line up at all. I am to wear them as much as possible, only taking them out to eat and clean my teeth. I remember when I had elastics before I would wake up with my mouth feeling so tight, we shall see how this goes :P 

As of right now the only teeth that touch are the teeth on my left side.

My chin really goes to left side (right side in the pictures) After all the adjustments were done (I went with purple elastics by the way, thought it was time for a change) I had my appointment with Dr. M to ask him all the questions that I had at the last appointment. He assured me that he would work as hard as he could so my surgery will hopefully be in March/April, he went on and on about how he wants everything to be perfect before the surgery so the chances of me relapsing are slim, which I can appreciate. I am praying that little tooth just zooms up quickly, I feel like once that is moved up things will be just about ready.

Hope all my Canadian friends had a good thanksgiving weekend!