Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I have been wondering lately why I havent been able to see an under bite with my teeth. My bottom molars are way ahead of my top molars but when you look at my teeth you dont see an underbite. When I first started this process my midline was off one tooth however it was the opposite of what it is now. My top teeth were over one tooth to the left and my bottom teeth one tooth to the right (picture is mirrored so it would be the opposite)

Now my teeth are the opposite. My bottom teeth and jaw shift towards the left and my top teeth shift towards the right (again picture is mirrored) However, if I line up my midlines my under bite becomes really noticeable as well as my open bite! The only teeth that touch are my left molars and thats it! So weird

Waterpik and weddings

Hey All!

Barn wedding!
So my little tooth way behind has moved over as much as its going to move over I think, I wish I could go back to my orthodontist now and ask him to start moving it forward. Wouldn't that be nice? If only life was that simple! My next appointment is in approximately three weeks and luckily I will get to sit and have a good talk with Dr. M and ask everything I want to ask him.  

Found at costco
Note to self, TMJD + singing and dancing all night at a wedding = horrid pains the next day. However, totally worth it! I went to my cousins wedding and spent the entire night eating, talking and singing very loudly which in turn caused my jaws to become soo angry the next day. (It was a country barn wedding, hence the boots)

I also went to costco and may or may not have bought the entire store. I swear that place hypnotises you to make you think you need everything in large quantities. Anywho I found a waterpik that comes with a normal waterpik with all the attachments AND A LID. Oh my was I ever excited that it had a lid! Nothing bothers me more about the waterpik my mom got me than the fact that it is just an open container of water letting all the gross bathroom bacteria float around in it. It also came with a travel size waterpik!! How amazing is that!? I can bring it to work with me or when I go to the cottage or back home to the country. The attachments it came with were a tooth brush, braces cleaner, some sort of pik, two standard sprayers, one that had three bristles attached to it and I believe that's it. But it was only 70$ for all of that. I was amazed, they are so expensive in Canada. Also, this one has a lower setting then my current one. The one I have now literally just rockets out of the thing and you cant put it any lower. The new one actually has a setting that is gentle haha. My teeth have never felt so smooth..well minus the metal.  

Here is how I currently look, sorry the picture looks like I am growing facial hair, I used the front facing Iphone camera which isnt the best.

My top canine is touching the bottom tooth and it feels awful

Hope all is well my blogger friends!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wasn't expecting that

As I posted my last update my orthodontist phoned me. I was all fired up from todays adjustments and venting through that post I was shocked that I got a phone call from him. He said that he was on his way home and he couldnt help but feel terrible for the way he rushed me. He apologise and said that he was sorry if he made me feel unimportant. Unfortunately the damage is done and I already feel like poop but honestly it meant a lot that he called just to apologise. Some people will surprise ya!

Adjustment #7 and Frustrations

I was really hoping that this post would be a happy one but unfortunately that isnt the case. In one of my last posts I had said that it was my worst adjustment ever, however, this one definitely tops it. I was treated horribly! I was so excited to have my adjustment, finally my orthodontist was going to be there and I had so many questions to ask since I hadn't seen him in two or three appointments.

I had the sweetest hygenist who used to be a nurse so we had lots to talk about and she told me so many stories of when she worked in the oporating room. I told her that I had a lot of questions for Dr. M so she called him over to look at my teeth. Before even sitting down he came over to us and told the hygenist to give him her chair. He sat down without even saying hi to me and told me to open my mouth. He began telling the hygenist what he wanted done and all that. She mentioned that I had a few questions and of course he huffed and puffed and said well I have a lot of people to see today. He made me feel like I was being so annoying. I asked him when he thought I would be ready for surgery and he looked at me like I was a complete idiot. And he huffed and puffed some more he's like we have a lot of work left, completely ignored my question and then started talking to the hygenist. So she asked him, when should she plan for surgery? And he said "Probably march/april" I went to say something else and he cut me off said "I have to go I have people to see" and left. I could feel my face get hot and tears start to come and I just started to cry.

I know I'm being an emotional girl but he does understand how hard this process is. Everyday I avoid looking in the mirror, I try on a thousand different outfits and hate how they all look on me ,not because of my body but because of my face. I have people staring at my teeth asking why my chin and jaw are so huge. I am constantly having pain in my jaws, head, neck and shoulders. My life is on complete hold because of this. It is the hardest thing ever to go through and he just completely blew me off like I was being completely unreasonable asking when I can have this done and over with.

The hygenist felt so bad she hugged me and appologised for his behaviour. My orthodontist has been nothing but amazing and sweet in the past I was horrified when this happened. I left and called my boyfriend and just started bawling because I felt so stupid.

Not too much was done to my teeth, I have the same wires on she said that these may be my surgery wires, they are the stainless steel ones. They put a bracket on to my tooth that is far behind and attatched a power chain going from that tooth to my canine to try to pull it over so that they can pull it up.

To make it worse I went to make my next appointment and she tried to book me 8 WEEKS from now. are you kidding me??? I looked at her and said "Honestly?? you dont have anything sooner??" she looked and found an oppening on October 16th thank god. I really hope my next appointment is better than this one, I just feel defeted today and it sucks. Also, the same day the hygenist booked a half an hour appointment with my ortho so that I can sit down and ask him the questions that need to be asked (she was awesome)

Sorry for a long depressing post I just needed to vent it all out.
Hope everyone is having an amazing day today!

The power chain that they hooked to pull my tooth straight so it could be pulled forward easier

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Doctors appointment (again)

I went in to see my doctor for my yearly physical. While I was there I talked to her again about the swollen lymph node that is right by my TMJ on my left side. She told me that my blood work came back all good and that it is most likely swelling from the braces and because of all the tension I am experiencing in that side of my face, and also because my jaw goes off to the left side. She told me that I should be getting massage therapy for my TMJ (yes please!) and to apply heat and to try taking Alieve. So I am going to try all of that and see how it works. I noticed that the more stressed that I become, the more I can feel the tension in my jaw, neck and shoulders and it is horrid.

So all I have to do is schedule my massage and pray that my benefits cover it. As a nurse you would think we would have aweseome benefits that cover everything especially massages! But no, our benefits are terrible and they cover nothing :( saaaad.

Orthodintist appointment in T minus 2 days!
anywho, hope everyone is well :)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Should I be worried?

I have this lump in my neck, right below my left ear and I first felt it about a year ago, maybe a little less. I went to the doctors to have it checked out because I was terrified I had cancer or a tumor or something awful. (curse of being a nurse is that you over think small things related to health) So they did blood work, and felt around, and did ultra sounds. And they just kinda shrugged and said it's probably nothing.

My mom had a lump in the same spot, but she told me hers was just her muscle becoming inflamed from her TMJD and once she has a massage it goes away. Mine isnt going away and it hurts. It feels like pressure that gets pinched when I move my jaw, which is ALL the time. If I lean my head to the right it kinda sinks in so it's not sticking out and its less painful.

I am getting really worried that it's something more serious :( I have a doctors appointment on tuesday and if my doctor doesnt look in to it more then I am going to find a second oppinion because it is making me crazy

I dont know what to do :(

Monday, 2 September 2013

Birthday Celebrations and a Trip to the Doctors

It was my birthday yesterday wahoo!! I am officially a 23 year old in braces! I was really impacted by +Natasha Sephton-Pike 's post on her birthday where she said that it will be her last birthday with the face that she currently has. And I couldn't help but think the same on my birthday. I am hoping by my next birthday I will have the face that I was always meant to have, the face that when I look at it in the mirror I will think "Hey, I like the way that looks" Thank goodness my boyfriend took me away for a mini getaway on the weekend to take my mind off of my jaw and my teeth for a little while. It was so much fun, we went out for dinner, a walk along the water, glow in the dark mini golf and to a drive in movie! I couldn't have asked for a better time! Not to mention he went through the trouble of researching restaurants that are vegan friendly and got me a vegan birthday cake! Ten gold stars for this guy :P

In other news in my life I took a trip to the doctors. Working at the hospital as a nurse can be very stressful. Stress tends to make my jaw pain so much worse. So the majority of my nights/breaks you can find my with my heating bad on my face, and in this hot weather, it is not fun. At my doctors appointment to talk to my doctor about a swollen gland that is right below my left ear between my jaw and neck that I found a while back. My jaw tends to pinch the gland when I chew and it causes so much pressure to the point where the pain shoots down my neck and up into my head causing horrible headaches. The doctor sent me for some blood work (ugh needles) and felt around a bit and kind of shrugged it off and said "we will keep and eye on it" so until we can figure out a temporary solution, I will have this heating pad glued to my face.

My teeth are still driving me crazy, It hurts to chew and when I'm really chewing my teeth sometimes grind and it is the worst feeling, they are almost sitting directly on top of each other. Another thing that drives me insane is when I wake up with my mouth wide open in the night because I cant breath through my nose properly and I spend ten minutes trying to moisten my mouth and get that awful taste out. I cant wait to see what the surgeon does with this crazy under bite, open bite and cross bite. He will definitely has his hands full!

Ten more days until my next orthodontist appointment, it cant come fast enough !!

I get to share my birthday with this handsome fella (His is today!)

First time at the drive in movies :)

My birthday cake !! (vegan of course)

Our cute hotel room and glow in the dark mini golf!