Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Squeeky Clean!

It's the best feeling after having your teeth cleaned and polished, but its the worst during. The poking, pulling and vibrations make me feel so queezy! But is so worth it when you feel how clean your mouth is. After my cleaning I thought it was time to grab a new tooth brush and some more handy dandy cleaning tools. YAY for clean teeth!!! :)

I noticed that my chin goes off to the right. Am I being crazy or does it actually look like my chin is pointing to the right?? I am hoping that when I meet with my orthodontist or my surgeon that I can ask if they will fix that during surgery. Is it just me or do all jaw surgery patients sit there and stare at each feature on their face point out whats wrong?? Haha I hope that stops.

I bring a little travel kit with me wherever I go, just so I can brush my teeth after eating and not have to sit for twenty minutes picking every little thing out of my braced with my tongue. Especially since I eat spinach like its going out of style. So I bought a mini mouth wash to put in my travel kit. The higenist told me to get one that is alcohol free since it will dry out my tissues, but they didnt have one in a travel size so I got a regular one with alcohol.. ahh well :P

Hope all is well with my braced friends!

Monday, 19 August 2013

One of those days

So today is one of those days where I want to scream at my teeth and say HURRY UP. It feels like my appointments are getting farther and farther apart. The jealousy monster has taken over after seeing everyone going through recovery and I just want it to be my turn. I am so happy for everyone who has had their surgery and are able to look in the mirror and think "Hey, I like what I see" And i know that we will all get there at some point. Looking back on how my teeth looked in the beginning, the transformation already is just incredible, but I am being greedy and I want the whole thing completed.

As strange as it sounds, I am looking forward to being off work for a month and being taken
Its hard to believe that is the same smile, the difference is incredible! The gap where that tooth was pulled is almost completely closed, there is about 1mm left to go, but it seems as though there is enough room for that tooth to come forward. You can really see how off my midline is in the second picture, under my nose is a tooth instead of the midline of my teeth, I am not sure if my jaw will be rotated in surgery or what they will do to make that centered. So I am praying when I'm in next (September 11th) that they will hook that tooth up and pull it forward. And hopefully next time I am in they can give me more of an idea or guesstimate when I will be ready or close!