Sunday, 26 May 2013


Hey blogger friends!

     Sorry I haven't posted any update pictures of my teeth, I have seriously been slacking lol I promise the updates will come! I have an adjustment this week so I swear I will update then. So I recently made the change to become VEGAN! Wahooo. I had first read a book called Skinny Bitch, it is a book all about completely changing your health for the better. After becoming so interested in the topic of becoming vegan, I wanted to read more! So I bought the book called The China Study which is a study on the connection between diet and disease. I watched a few documentaries and lectures and before I knew it I had no choice. My emotions were so strong towards the idea of becoming vegan. It was like I opened my eyes for the first time and saw life in a different way. Ever since then I have not touched any animal products.

    It has definitly been a bit of a challenge trying to explain to people why it is that I chose to give up animal products. I refuse to eat any meat, milk, cheese, eggs and honey (any products that come from animals) but surprisingly the change has been easy and I feel wonderful and energized.

   My one concern is that when it comes time for surgery I will have to do some MAJOR prep for food. I cant just buy whatever looks yummy or whatever is easy to gulp down. I will have to read each ingredient and find specific foods that fit my diet. I am so excited and I know surgery is a life time away but I can't wait!! I get so jealous seeing all the bloggers get close to their surgery :)

Hope all is well friends