Sunday, 28 April 2013

Adjustments #4 worst appointment yet

It seems as though everyone has been busy with summer approaching and not posting as much as we did in the winter months where we were all stuck inside. Finally have an update!! Wahoooo! I had my fourth adjustments a few days ago and it was an awful appointment. I had the assistant that I never like going to (she always seems to do something wrong) and as I was patiently waiting for my appointment the secretary called me over and told me that it was going to be another half an hour wait because the girl adjusting my braces broke the wire on the persons braces before me, grrrr. So I said thats fine and I waited and waited. As soon as I sat in the chair I could feel her rushing me and I HATED that. I am paying soo much money to have my teeth taken care of and the fact that she was doing a rush job was not okay.

She replaced my wires with stronger, thicker ones on both the top and bottom and put the spring back into the one side. However when i looked in the mirror I noticed that the spring wasnt as tightly coiled as it was previously and I was concerned it would effect how fast that gap opened up. As soon as I mentioned it she snapped at me and said "its fine the way it is" I was not a happy camper. She told me they had put a really strong wire on the top and I should feel a great amount of pain within the next few days. I though YESS more movement!! But no. I felt slight discomfort but nothing as bad as it normally was. I think she did something wrong AGAIN.

I now have rubber bands on each side of my jaw connecting my top and bottom teeth, they really didnt explain the reasoning as to why I have them (because they were rushing me) I will post pictures soon of what they look like. They also had to add more glue to hold my bite open and she was so violent with the grinder that it was nauseating. I cannot tell you enough how awful this appointment was. She kept making me go sit somewhere for five minutes while she worked on someone else and then come back, adjust one more thing, move to another chair, go sit in the back room, move back, adjust, leave again. At one point the secretary called my cell phone asking if I had left because she didnt see me. I answered NOPE I am sitting in the back room waiting. I was there for a total of 2.5 hours!! She also managed to stab me in the gums several times in the process.

The orthodontist told me that we will be talking surgery dates, however he never came back and I was honestly too frustrated to wait around. Five more weeks until my next appointment and I am praying I see some progress in the mean time.

Hope everyone is enjoying spring and all is well :)