Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope all my blogger friends have a happy Easter weekend! I am a little bit bummed because I am stuck on the night shift through the weekend and wont get to go home to see my family :( but at least I will be helping people instead! Hope the Easter Bunny pays you all a visit! I miss the days of being a kid where you weren't too old for easter egg hunts. Plus, easter has the best candy ever. You get mini eggs, cadbury cream eggs, peeps, chocolate bunnys - its just the best :P

Haven't seen huge movement with my teeth, the top ones are still on the move but for some reason I feel as though my bottom teeth aren't moving at all. Usually I feel a tooth here and there get sore and then BAM a gap or some movement, but so far nothing and I'm starting to worry that they will never move ahh :( trying to send positive vibes and hopefully they get their move on haha.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Adjustments # 3

For some reason this post keeps dissapearing so I'm re-posting it.
I had my third adjustment on Wednesday and oh my was it ever painful. Why is it that when you have an adjustment coming up at least one tooth decides to start to move and become insanely sore?? And then of course they have to fiddle around in your mouth, pull and push like crazy making it hurt so bad. On the bright side that means things are on the move! Changed my elastics to BLUE :) I was so against all these colours, the first time they asked me if I wanted a fun colour I was so confused, I'm 22, I don't want coloured teeth. But then I saw how cool all my blogger friends looked with all these pretty colours and I suddenly find it awesome. What can I say, you guys inspire me :)

While I was there they put bigger, stronger wires on both the top and the bottom braces. I got to brush my teeth without wires on, what a heavenly feeling. For my bottom braces, they put the elastics in figure 8s, they said that it would move the teeth faster, sure why not! They also included my lonely back molars in to the wires which they haven't done before, and I am sure feeling it today. I still have a power chain in the same spot, as well as the tightly wound spring, hopefully they keep on moving. My mid line has moved over a lot more than I had thought, I didn't really notice until I looked at pictures.

I had mentioned to the orthodontist that I am on the waiting list for surgery in December, he didn't sound too sure that I would be ready by then, but he said he would try his best and to keep my date. That didn't make me feel too hopeful, December is sooo far away, how could I not be ready by then? I also asked if I needed to see a speech pathologist for my tongue thrust and he said that I needed to wait until after surgery. Easy enough for me :) my appointments are now 5 weeks apart instead of 6, I hope I'm not rushing this too much, I am just so anxious I cant help it.

Still have the dots of glue

The spring that is pushing the teeth over has opened up the gap so much! before the teeth were almost touching and now there is such a huge space

The power chain is still on and working well, the gap is closing so much

Hope all is well!