Thursday, 28 February 2013

Surviving Braces

So I went to the store today and I noticed that I get excited every time that I walk by the oral hygiene section, is this a normal reaction?? As I was looking through I found a bunch of pointless items that I would never use on my teeth, and that got me thinking of all the things I would be lost without. So here is a list of items that I use on a daily basis with my braces to keep them looking as nice as they can.

I would be so insanely lost without my Burt's Bees lip balm. I know I hear a lot of people talk about aquaphor, but I cant seem to find it, maybe it's not in Canada, who knows. I like Burt's Bees because it is all natural and it doesn't have any ingredients thats cause you to become somewhat addicted to putting it on. I have one that is beeswax and another that is honey and they both work great. The white one in the picture is just one my ortho gave it, it doesn't do much for me, but if I'm desperate and I have nothing else I'll use it. And the green circle looking one is EOS, it doesn't do much for me either but I still use it because its fun :P Before braces my lips were never dry or chapped and I never had a problem, and now I can't go a day without putting lip balm on. 

Sorry for the tooth brush with tooth paste all over it, I am a messy brusher. I was using crest prohealth before, but when I got braces I switched to Pronamel. I know that braces can take their toll on your enamel of your teeth and I eat SOO much fruit so the acid can really do some damage. I dont think it is a huge deal what tooth paste you use, as long as it works for you. Side note my dentist told me to stay away from any whiting tooth pastes because they do ruin the enamel on your teeth because they are abrasive. 

These little brushes are amazing, they get all those little spots that my big tooth brush cant get to and I love them. I use them all around the brackets to make sure that I don't get that yellow hue that you sometimes see around people braces. I am so paranoid of having braces stains on my teeth. I probably use these once or twice a day. 

I just discovered these little guys today at the store. I used to use the bigger version of these before I had braces and they made flossing so quick and easy. When I got braces I was so bummed that I actually had to take my time and weave the floss in and out. BUT these fit beside your wire so you can use them with braces! Amazing!! But I still will use my manual floss with that little loopy thing to get in there if needed. I floss twice a day because I'm a little bit OCD. 

My Waterpik! It's not as fancy as all the other ones I see on blogs but it works for me. I mean I still get water all over myself, the sink and the mirror from time to time but It does the trick. I like to use it RIGHT when I'm done eating so it gets all those huge chunks out of your teeth. Nothing is as gross as finding a chunk of food in your mouth when you haven't eaten in hours, yuck. 

This isn't for my braces, but it is for my TMJD. I was talking to one of the other bloggers begging her for advice on how to relieve jaw pain. And she had mentioned putting a heating pad on it and taking an advil. Great advice :) +Natasha Sephton-Pike check out her blog if you haven't yet, it's amazing. I am not a huge fan of taking medications frequently, so I gave this warming pack a try and it is fantastic! I recommend it a million times over. But for those really bad days, especial right after an adjustment, I use Advil.

So there it is, my survival guide :)

Hopefully someone some where finds this a little bit helpful !

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Finally! A gap!

Yaaay finally a gap is appearing where it should, if you haven't noticed by now I am the most impatient person in the world. Also, I have discovered webcams are so much easier for taking pictures because you don't have to hold it with one hand, I know I am a bit behind. I haven't seen much movement in my bottom teeth at all, they have been sore and now they just feel like they are lose. They did say I could see a ton of movement, or no movement at all. My next appointment is in one month and I am so excited! Here are some update pictures. Ps sorry for the amount of stuff that is behind me, currently living at my boyfriends parents house while we rent out our condo to make a bit of extra cash for my surgery.

FINALLY a gap!!! It's small, but its a start. The power chain is working and the canine is finally moving over.

I have not developed my under bite yet, but it's coming!!

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Braced Valentines day

I know most people say that valentines day is soo overrated and so corny, but I have a confession... I love it! I have an excuse to eat chocolates and watch sappy romantic movies haha although I did go out for lunch and eat sushi with my boyfriend which resulted in insane amounts of rice stuck in my braces, thank goodness for my waterpik! I dont get to enjoy some of the delicious candies that most get to eat today, like delicious toblerone. But we can all be sure that all this suffering will be worth it :) everyday that passes is a day closer to that smile we all dream of! I hope everyone is having a great day, even if you're not in a relationship be sure to tell the ones closest to you that you love them! My dog especially got the most attention :p

Not much movement happening since my adjustment, I know it's barely been a week but I'm so anxious for my teeth to get moving, I want that gap gone. I can feel my teeth becoming sore on and off so I hope that means so movement is happening.

Happy Valentines Day braced lovelies!

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Headaches + sore teeth = worst combination.

I know a lot of people who are having surgery done are partially having it to rid of the problems caused by missaligned jaws. Jaw locking is awful, especially when it happens mid yawn and you awkwardly have to pop your jaw back in to place whilst finishing your yawn and quietly wimpering in pain. As bad as that is, for me the headaches are the worst. I get horrible tension headaches, especially after an adjustment when I have to have my jaw forced open for an hour or two. I work the night shift at the hospital, and it is SOO hard to focus when it feels like someone hit me over the head with a bat! Grrr. As a nurse, we often encourage people to ease their pain by taking advil, or tylenol, it is the simple solution. However, as a nurse, I hate taking medications. All I can think about is "my poor liver and kidneys" I sometimes use a heated bean bag thing around my neck to try and ease the pain, but it doesn't always do the trick, and unfortunately I cant take a cat nap while at work. I really need to find other ways of getting rid of these headaches, anyone have any ideas?? I don't think I can stand another second of my throbbing head, soo ready for sleep.

Hope all is well braced friends!

                                                         Exactly how I feel right about now..

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bottom braces + update!

I officially have bottom braces! WAHOOO! finally. I thought this day would never come. I went to the orthodontist yesterday, my ortho was away in Brazil teaching so I was stuck with the other one. I don't mind the other ortho, but I like consistency. At my last appointment we talked about all the things that were going to happen with this appointment, and when I have a different person she doesn't exactly know everything we talked about so I have to ask a million questions to make sure.

At this appointment I was supposed to get a bite plate which basically holds my jaw open so my teeth can move around without the top or bottom teeth interfering with the other. However, when they tried to put the plate in, it wouldn't fit! Grrrr. They tried adjusting it a million times with no luck, they said that they would have to put it in the next appointment. I was worried they were going to say I wouldn't be able to get bottom braces, but they said they could use something else to hold my jaw open. They put these funky blue dots of glue on the back teeth that prevent me from biting down on my bottom braces

(I am horrid at taking pictures of my teeth, my appologies)

Also, you can barely see it, but there is a power chain on my top braces on the left side where the gap is to try and pull those teeth over and fix my mid line. Also, there is a tightly coiled spring on the right side where they are trying to create a gap so that poor lonely tooth can come forward. So the four teeth in between the gap and the spring are all moving to fill in the gap. As you can see the four teeth are a lot straighter compared to my last appointment.

So with those two blue bumps this is as far as my mouth will close now. Now all my teeth can go about their business. Also, I'm not going to bite any brackets off. I have a lot of crowding in the bottom teeth, and it hurts SOOO bad, but I know it will be worth it.  

And there are my bottom teeth. They are so squared, once they arch out my under bite will be much more noticeable. And as you can see my molars really curve inwards.

SOOOOO.. in summary the appointment went well, my teeth hurt like mad and I'm on a soupy diet until the pain stops. My next appointment is March 20th, the process is so slow, but so worth it. Because I am nerdy, I love diagrams explaining everything, so here it is, all the movement thats happening in my mouth. 

Hope all my blogger friends are doing well, I love reading up on everyone and seeing everyones progress. So inspiring!! :) :)