Thursday, 20 December 2012

First adjustment

Today was my first adjustment for my braces! I was really excited I thought this appointment would never come. They put a thicker wire on and new bands, I went with pink to add some colour. My orthodontist said that in order to close the gap where they pulled my tooth and to make room for my tooth that is behind, my teeth need to first be aligned properly and there is still some work to do to straighten them out.
At my next appointment I will be getting my bottom braces on, a thicker wire on the top braces and what is called a bite plate.since my bottom teeth are tilted inwards, my top teeth bite down on the sides of my bottom teeth. So what this plate will do is hold my teeth open slightly so that my teeth can move without restricting each other, as excited as I am about it the appointment isn't for 8 weeks! The office is closed for two weeks and they can't fit me in until then :( I have quickly learned this is a waiting game. My teeth are super sore, hopefully it doesn't last too long! Hope all my blogger friends have a good holiday!

Here are some pictures of my progress so far, I see the most movement in my tooth beside my big tooth, it has completely come out from behind and positioned itself beside the big tooth almost completely in place! Also my teeth have lowered a bit, I cant wait to see more movement, I am extremely impatient :)

Week One in braces

Week two in braces

Six weeks in braces

Week One in braces

Week Six in braces