Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Braced pictures

Unlike most, I did not have the opportunity to have braces when I was younger.. thus explains the train wreck in my mouth. I CANNOT WAIT until I have teeth that I'm proud to show off! They will slowly get better. My orthodontist, Mr. M said that after my next adjustments I will see a lot more movement and that weird little rebel of a tooth that is way behind will have some room to come forward, and that space where the tooth was removed will close.

Question.. what toothpaste do you use with braces? should I start using pronamel?
Day one in braces

Two weeks in braces

Day one in braces

Two weeks in braces

Monday, 26 November 2012


Since I have had my braces put on I frequently have nightmares about them falling off! I have had dreams where I'm trying to eat something delicious like an apple or fudge and BAM my braces pop off and I wake up so scared that I dont even want to eat. Am I crazy or is this a normal thing that happens to a lot of people?

One thing I have definitely noticed is that when it comes to surgery, you just really do not want anything that can set you back, and braces falling off would be horrible. I have been known to over think a lot and be quiet worrisome.. trying to work on those bad habits :)

Hope all is well with my fellow brace faced friends :)

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Well, I FINALLY get to say I have braces! Now most normal human beings (especially in their 20s) would be extremely saddened by this, but not me, I am so happy! Of course they look and feel funny, but this just means I am on the road to surgery!
I went to my appointment last Monday to have my braces put on. They had previously decided to start with my lower braces and in two months or so they would put my top braces on. However when I got there and she had a look at where she was to put my brackets, she noticed that because of the position of my bottom teeth I would be biting down on half of the brackets. My orthodontist is also a professor, so he was teaching that day. Luckily he works with another fantastic orthodontist who had a look at my teeth and said to start with the upper. I was so happy, my upper teeth bother me so much more than my bottom.

It is such an awkward process, your mouth is so dry and held open by these giant plastic devices and all you want to do is swallow. She cleaned my teeth, placed each bracket on carefully and before I knew it I was finished. She handed me a mirror and my first thought was, do I want to look right away? However I did, and it was just as awkward looking as I expected. I was taught how to clean them properly and take care of them and they sent me on my way.

The first day of having the braces on was probably the worst day. The pain was so horrible. Mind you I am a complete wimp when it comes to any sort of pain, so this intense pain felt unbearable. I was ready to take them off and just say forget it. The pain gets a little less every day, however I still haven't been able to chew. I thought by day 3 I would tackle sushi, it did not go over well. I have been living off boost, soup, yogurt and puree foods. All of the blogs I have read made braces sound so easy (just as they did with wisdom teeth) all I can say is anyone with braces and on their way to jaw surgery are amazing people ! They have their mouths abused for years and in the end, it is all worth it! Pictures to come once I feel confident enough :)