Monday, 29 October 2012

Five teeth lighter

It has almost been a week since my wisdom teeth came out, and let me just say it was not as easy as everyone made it out to be. They took out my four wisdom teeth and one extra tooth to make some room due to my over crowding. I think the best part of the whole procedure was the wonderful laughing gas they give you right before they insert your IV, for a few moments before you are knocked out it is pure relaxation!
The surgeon came in, inserted my IV and poof I was out. I dont remember too much from the next few days, they are pretty much a blurr. Thank God for my boyfriend and my mom for taking good care of me, I wouldnt have made it through without them. They had me on Tylenol 3s, however they did nothing for me so they put me on Demerol which made me super nauseated so I also had to take gravol, needless to say I was pretty out of it for a while. My face is still a little bruised and swollen and I still have some pain and stiffness. I havent been eating anything that is too hard to chew, mostly yogurt, boost, mashed poptatoes and soup, chewing feels so strange! I have to go back on Tueseday for my follow up, hopefully everything looks good in there! Then on November 5th FINALLY I get braces on, just the bottom ones, hopefully not long after the top ones will follow !!! :)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Letter from the OD and wisdom teeth

I recieved a letter from my orthodontist today describing the many, many things wrong with my teeth (ugh) I cannot wait till I hear my first compliment about how nice my teeth are!! A girl can dream ;)
Here goes:
  • Severe class III dentoskeletal malocclusion/maxillary retrognathia/mandibular prognathism/vertical maxillary excess (what an insane mouthful!)
  • Unit difference in size of jaw 41 mm (normal for my age is 26mm)
  • Facial type : Concave
  • Severe maxillary/mandibular dental crowding
  • narrow arches
  • minimal overbite 1mm
  • maxillary dental midline 3mm to left side
  • mandibular dental midline and chin to right side
  • anterior cross bite
  • maxillary incisors proclined/mandibular incisors retroclined
  • persisten anterior tongue thrusting
That can seriously cause a girl to be discouraged. However, after seeing all the amazing transformations of all the many people who have been blogging this only makes me more excited! I guess the main reason for writing this blog is to help others, but also, to look back on and see my progress! Im sure time will fly :)
Wisdom teeth come out on tuesday!! So excited!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

So, this is me!

Well these are me, for now that is.. 

the dreaded profile view.. I have an underbite, as you can see

This is the most embarrassing picture ive ever had to take ! but, I know it cant get much worse, and it will only get better from here ! I just keep telling myself this will all be worth it in the end, and I will have the perfect smile!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

and so it begins..

I did things a little bit backwards, I was first referred to a surgeon by my dentist, so before seeing and orthodontist, I saw the surgeon. He was very nice man, explained things to me, took measurements and told me I would have to have double jaw surgery, not just one jaw, but BOTH. For anyone who has been told this before, you know at that moment you are completely freaked out, the thought of having two jaws broken and shifted around?! Terrifying! Unfortunately that was all we could do for the appointment and he referred me to an orthodontist.
One frustrating thing about going through the process is waiting for appointments, they are always at least a month away. So a month goes by and I am able to meet with my orthodontist who, to my surprise, is even nicer! I felt so lucky to have such an awesomely nice team working with me. There they took my history down, took my pictures (yuck), took molds and then sat down to talk. They asked me many questions such as what about my bite bothers me, does it cause pain, does it interfere with speech? They took measurements and sent me off to get x-rays and told me once they had the molds and the x-rays we could then sit down and make a plan.
Second appointment, of course after another month..
we sat down with my x-rays, pictures, and molds and he told me what the plan was. There I found out:
  • I have an underbite, my lower jaw comes out further than my upper jaw
  • my teeth are horribly in need of braces 
  • I have four wisdom teeth that need to come out ASAP
  • my teeth are crowded and I will need to have one extra tooth extracted
  • I have a cross bite
I would need to get my wisdom teeth out, plus another tooth, then braces on, I would have to wait a year in braces before surgery in order to put my teeth where they need to go. I would be having double jaw surgery to correct my underbite. This was a lot to take in all in one appointment, but the orthodontist was so incredible and he explained everything and kept me thinking positive. I am so excited to start!! I am scheduled to have my wisdom teeth + one other tooth taken out in two weeks, and then a week from there my braces are put on! This is all so exciting and I have been waiting SO LONG for it to happen, as most of you have been to. I will do my best to post as much info as I can and hopefully, I can help someone as much as all these bloggers have helped me! :)

As you can see, I have a very dominant lower jaw (boooo..)

background story

Hey everyone!

My name is Cassie, I am currently 22 years old living in Canada. I recently started the long, long journey to double jaw surgery. When I found out this was all finally happening I went online for some advice and discovered this whole community sharing their experiences with double jaw surgery and I felt so comforted. So I thought I would join in and share my journey.
 I come from a small town where we have one or two dentists, and when I was around the age of 13 he referred me to an orthodontist in one of the bigger towns. So we made an appointment, my dad drove me over only to hear the orthodontist say "sorry, she will has a class III and there is nothing I can do until she is at least in her 20s" and that was that, being a 13 year old with extremely crooked teeth I was so upset that there was nothing he could do for me. My parents were still at this time paying for my brothers braces, and couldn't afford to have mine on.
So the years went by, still, no braces, and sooner or later I was off to college. At this point, after much teasing and horrible nick names from other teens, I had become and expert of hiding my smile and my horrible under bite. Being a poor college student didn't help, I still couldn't afford to put myself in braces. So finally when I graduated and got a wonderful job as a nurse I was able to look into it.