Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Our wedding :)


  1. Hi Cassie,

    I read your blog in full (3 days ago!) after finally getting a date for my own surgery (Feb). It has made me feel like for the first time I know what I might go through afterwards. Congratulations on the Wedding (you are absolutely stunning!)and thank you for such a detailed account of your journey.

    Emma xxx

  2. What a fab film of your big day.....and could not help thinking what a fab side profile lol! Obviously not the be all and end all but so noticeable from where you were 3 years ago. I'm only 4 months into the braces bit but it is great to see the end result without all the bruising , swelling etc. I kind of feel that this may be the closure of your jaw surgery blogging journey???

  3. Cassie!!!!!!!!!! I have just been blubbing my eyes watching your video at my desk at work. I am so incredibly happy for you both! Your a star, so beautiful and strong and shining bright all the time, you deserve a lifetime of happiness and more. All my love! xxxx

  4. Hi Cassie,

    I just got my braces on, today actually! And upon feeling absolutely hopeless already with my multiple meltdowns about being a college student with braces among other things, this video not only brought me to tears, it gave me hope. Having only just gotten started, I feel like there is no end, but when I watched your wedding video and as I am blown away by how beautiful, radiant, and confident you look, I saw the end. I just have to say congratulations, and I can't wait for this to happen for me. Thank you for sharing your story.