Monday, 14 July 2014

Almost 4 moths post op!

Some times I seriously cannot believe how fast time goes by. It's incredible! 

Jaw wise things are going really well, I see my surgeon in two days for a check up. I'm not necessarily numb anywhere anymore but when I touch my chin it still tingles a tiny bit and in a random small spot under my eye and on the tip of my nose. But I can tell the feeling will come back soon. I have had some pain on my left side of my jaw and random points, I'm sure it's just healing pain, I am not too concerned. I run my finger along my jaw line I can still feel where it was broken, I am not sure how long that takes to smooth itself out. I made the mistake of holding my dog while my fianc√© cut his nails and ended up getting smacked in the chin by my dogs head, wow did that ever hurt, it almost felt bruised for a day after. 

I am going to my orthodontist tomorrow for an adjustment. I really want to speed up the process and get these damn thigs off lol he seems to not mind going at a leisurely pace. I have not been as faithful wearing my elastics, I always start the day with them on and I always wear them when I sleep, but through out the day I tend to munch non stop and it's just so much work to put them on and off so much. 

Has anyone else noticed tht their skin breaks out a bunch after surgery?? Coming from a girl who always has decent skin and didn't really get too many pimples I have been breaking out like crazy since surgery. I am not impressed lol 

Life wise everything is amazing! :) hope all is well with my jaw surgery friends, hereare some update pictures 


  1. Cassie you look amazing! It must feel great to have the surgery a few months behind you now. I'm glad your numbness has pretty much cleared up. Gorgeous photos :-)

    Re: braces....I was a bit (pleasantly) freaked out when I saw my orthodontist the other day and he was talking about taking my braces off just 12 weeks post op!! That is surely too good to be true! I hope you get yours off soon so you can totally relax post-op. With the breaking out issue - it hasn't happened to me (yet) but I definitely know someone who really had this issue after the surgery. I really don't know why that happens!

    Anyway, thanks for posting those lovely pics and keep us updated :-)

    Jen xxx

  2. It seems like you are doing quite nicely! You must be one of your doctor's best cases. Have you told him about the tingling sensations on your chin and the other issues? If it continues to bother you, you should definitely consult it to him. While I feel you want to speed up the process, I could see your orthodontist cautioning you to let your body take its time to heal. Hang in there, and just do what your doctors says and you'll be fine. Take care!

    Randall Higgins @ M.A. Vorhies Orthodontics

  3. Cassie, you look absolutely amazing!
    I'm posting in response to your concern about breaking out after surgery! I haven't had my surgery yet so I can't actually relate on that experience in particular, however, I noticed in your "supplies" section you mentioned getting a juicer. If you focused your liquid diet on such concentrated juices, this may mean you were/are detoxing, which is good and bad. Bad because as your body pushes out, for lack of a better word, toxins, your skin has to get worse before it can get better. This might not reallllyyy be the root to your problem, but its just a thought! :) Could also be any medications you may be taking. idk

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  5. Hello! You look great! I hope my surgery goes as planned too. I have a question for you. Did you have any changes in your voice after the surgery? Such as hyper nasalspeech. I ask you this because I love singing so much and I don't want my voice to change after this surgery. I would appreciate if you can answer me. Sorry for my bad english, I am not a native speaking. Take care!

    1. Hi! I had double jaw surgery last August (open, over and crossbite) and am a music teacher. I found that my voice was a bit stronger and a little less breathy afterwards. Positive changes! I am having some pretty big tmj issues since the surgery and can only open an average of 2 fingers so it doesn't feel great to sing. However, as a music teacher, I do what I have to! Good luck!

  6. Hi Andrea! I am so so sorry for this late reply! I only had a change in my voice while I was handed shut but it was from the swelling and not being able to open my mouth. Once I was able to get full movement again my voice went back to the way it was :) so don't freak out if your voice sounds different right after, I promise it will go back to normal :)

  7. Oh my! Everything you went through due to having undergone surgery is quite awful, but I'm glad that you are looking on the positive side of things. Maybe you're still adjusting from the effects of the surgery, but I know that you're well on your way to recovery. I just hope that you are faring better these days. Anyway, you look gorgeous in those photos. Thanks for sharing that, Cassie! All the best to you! :)

    Pedro George @ Mirror Lake Family Dentistry

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