Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I have been wondering lately why I havent been able to see an under bite with my teeth. My bottom molars are way ahead of my top molars but when you look at my teeth you dont see an underbite. When I first started this process my midline was off one tooth however it was the opposite of what it is now. My top teeth were over one tooth to the left and my bottom teeth one tooth to the right (picture is mirrored so it would be the opposite)

Now my teeth are the opposite. My bottom teeth and jaw shift towards the left and my top teeth shift towards the right (again picture is mirrored) However, if I line up my midlines my under bite becomes really noticeable as well as my open bite! The only teeth that touch are my left molars and thats it! So weird


  1. Hey Cassie,

    I've followed your blog for a bit. Your situation seems similar to mine: my underbite isn't hugely apparent, but it is definitely there. It has become worse over the last few years.

    I've noticed that when I line up my midline, my underbite is way more noticeable. I guess that is what is going to happen when the braces start doing their magic (making the bite worse before it is better)?

    1. Glad there is someone who has a similar bite to mine! Braces have definitely made it worse, surgery will soon make it better :) Hope your journey is going great!