Monday, 26 November 2012


Since I have had my braces put on I frequently have nightmares about them falling off! I have had dreams where I'm trying to eat something delicious like an apple or fudge and BAM my braces pop off and I wake up so scared that I dont even want to eat. Am I crazy or is this a normal thing that happens to a lot of people?

One thing I have definitely noticed is that when it comes to surgery, you just really do not want anything that can set you back, and braces falling off would be horrible. I have been known to over think a lot and be quiet worrisome.. trying to work on those bad habits :)

Hope all is well with my fellow brace faced friends :)


  1. Hahaha! Cassie I have the exact same dreams all the time.

    Only a few days ago I dreamt that my braces had created a giant gap between my teeth and overlapped some teeth and I was panicking about what my ortho would say about it and a tooth fell out.

    I think it's pretty normal really, things that are on your mind come out in dreams, so I think its only natural seeing as its such a huge process!

    1. oh my gosh braces have made us insane ! hahah we are obsessed. Not only can we not eat all the best food and we are in a lot of pain but we even obsess in our sleep.

      Glad I'm not crazy haha the other night i had a dream i was chewing gum and all my brackets started to fall out, terrifying.