Friday, 19 October 2012

Letter from the OD and wisdom teeth

I recieved a letter from my orthodontist today describing the many, many things wrong with my teeth (ugh) I cannot wait till I hear my first compliment about how nice my teeth are!! A girl can dream ;)
Here goes:
  • Severe class III dentoskeletal malocclusion/maxillary retrognathia/mandibular prognathism/vertical maxillary excess (what an insane mouthful!)
  • Unit difference in size of jaw 41 mm (normal for my age is 26mm)
  • Facial type : Concave
  • Severe maxillary/mandibular dental crowding
  • narrow arches
  • minimal overbite 1mm
  • maxillary dental midline 3mm to left side
  • mandibular dental midline and chin to right side
  • anterior cross bite
  • maxillary incisors proclined/mandibular incisors retroclined
  • persisten anterior tongue thrusting
That can seriously cause a girl to be discouraged. However, after seeing all the amazing transformations of all the many people who have been blogging this only makes me more excited! I guess the main reason for writing this blog is to help others, but also, to look back on and see my progress! Im sure time will fly :)
Wisdom teeth come out on tuesday!! So excited!!


  1. Hey Cassie,

    Hope your wisdom teeth extraction has gone well!

    1. Thanks Natasha!
      The healing process is taking way longer than I expected :(
      hope all is well with you and I hope you had an amazing time in Paris, that was so sweet of your boyfriend to set up for you :)